Lonk’s Discount Adventurers’ Goods

The second-largest building in Doolifookt, and home to the town’s premier adventurer (chronologically speaking), Lonk’s is the place to go for all of your adventuring needs. From potions to boomerangs to heavy metal footwear, you’ll not find better deals anywhere in the valley.

Item list

Name Lonk’s Description Cost
Items available as of Session 1
Blue Potion A handy little pick-me-up that can very well save your life. 25g
Iron boots Useful for walking along the bottom of large bodies of water. 12g
Staff of Somaria It makes boxes. Then it makes boxes explode. Two features in one!
Magic Beans
Boxing gloves
Jabber nut Popping just one of these will let you understand any and all tiny forest sprites. 50g
Wooden Sword Lightweight yet strong. You get used to the splinters. 5g
Wooden Boomerang Guaranteed* to come back. 5s
Items available as of Session 5
Bug-catching Net
A Letter Written in Goblin. 15g
Deku Sticks Works well as a torch! Just don’t swing it at things. 1s
Slingshot Lonk’s personal favorite 5s
Items available as of Session 9
Blue Tunic SOLD Protective and stylish! 800g
Blue Cap ‘Cause you’ve gotta have a blue cap! 600g

*Guarantee void if thrown, dropped, carried, or ignited.


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