Session 8

Lonk's Second Dungeon - Part 2

PCs: Zemya (Nicole), Lulabelle (Cessie)

NPCs: Lonk, Miss Swiss, Mr. Bobo, Quip, Taelin

Notes: The group continued exploring the underwater library, eventually stumbling upon a stairway that led up out of the water, where they found a small, well furnished room with a desk with quill and chair, an armoire, a standing candelabra, a small stool, and an area rug. The group, assuming it to be the curator’s office, entered to search for a way to disable the golems, but stopped short when their intrusion caused the furniture to come alive and attack them. After a frustrating and intense battle (during which Lonk was saved no less than two times by Miss Swiss, and Zemya was able to force open a desk drawer and steal a rune-scribed key) they searched the remains of the room. They found a leather scroll case and a bag of black pearls inside the desk, and two thick runescript books inside the armoire. The group continued searching the underwater library, finding an exhibit room of treasures displayed in glass enclosures, where they found a fire-opal pendant on a fine gold chain, and a harp with a single remaining string, which surprised them by faintly playing its only available note while they discussed how to bring it to the surface. They returned to the surface to camp, and the spoils given to Mr. Bobo to analyze. The raven, studying the key, gave them a passphrase to use on the stone golems to disable them, and instructed them to bring him any language reference book they could find. Taelin again joined the group for the evening, and after an awkward pause, took Lulabelle to her tent for the night. Miss Swiss, also displaying impish initiative, took Lonk by the hand and ran off with him into the woods, neither being seen until the next morning. The next day, the PCs returned to the depths and completed their task: Lulabelle disabled the golems with the key and passphrase, and Zemya completed exploration of the library, discovering in a glass-domed stand a book that contained both runescript and Goblin (among many other languages).

Treasure acquired: A fire opal necklace, a bag of black pearls, a golden bracelet, two runescript books (unidentified), a customized scroll of Word of Recall, a rune-covered key, a harp with one string, and a preserved manual written by a linguistics master.

XP awarded: 4000 (Zemya, Lulabelle achieve level 5)



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