Session 7

Lonk's Second Dungeon - Part 1

PCs: Zemya (Nicole), Lulabelle (Cessie), Miss Swiss (Gen)

NPCs: Lonk, Fontinella, Wensleydale Stilton, Brie Stilton, Quip, Taelin

Notes: Mr. Bobo identified the brass ring (which is now a shining white metal with a single, inset ruby) as a Ring of Wishing, and marveled at the possibility of finding more relics of a civilization advanced enough to produce the ring. Players went to Lonk’s Discount Adventurers’ Goods and spoke with Fontinella (who has taken a part-time job there) to learn Lonk was teaching a lesson. After a few helpful demonstrations from substitute instructor Miss Swiss, Lonk agreed to share the location of some more ruins (which he received from a contact in his homeland) in exchange for a spot in the adventuring party. At that point, Mr. Stilton ran through town shouting about a great beast at the farm, destroying crops. The beast turned out to be a bear, which was turned into jerky for the good of the town. Players & Lonk left the next day for the ruins, arriving at a lake in the care of a nixie, Quip, and her nymph, Taelin. Quip confirmed the location of the ruins beneath the water, and agreed to assist the group in reaching them if they promised to stop the noise emanating from it—a low, deep rumble every few seconds with clockwork regularity. As the water was too cloudy to traverse that day, the group camped for the evening, and Taelin joined the adventurers around their campfire. The next day, Quip (endowing the group with water breathing through a kiss of suggestive length) and Taelin lead them down to the ruins, then left. Players explored the flooded structure (a library, upon investigation) and sourced the noise as a collection of stone golems patrolling the halls with synchronous steps. The golems’ whose legs had worn and broken away, forcing the construct to move via its hands. Players subdued one of the golems by encasing one of its shoulders in ice, then shattering it.

Treasure acquired: None

XP awarded: None



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