Session 6

Missing Goods

PCs: Zemya (Nicole), Lulabelle (Cessie)

NPCs: Lonk, Corin and Dorin, Miss Swiss, Pfen

Notes: For once, Lonk posted on his own Adventurers’ Board, requesting assistance in locating some late goods. Due to the heavy rains for the past few days, it was quite probable that the cart became mired in the shoddy, dirt roads. He instructed the PCs to meet up with a pair of dwarves he had hired to help move the wagon. They found Corin and Dorin in a tiny tent (with several large, underground rooms) in the laborers’ camp and together they rode north to the nearest city across the Silver Gap. Upon reaching the bridge, they found it been cut by a band of marauding hobgoblins. Zemya raced back to town, winding her steed, but warning the town of the impending attack. The hobgoblins appeared moments after the rest of the group arrived, and stormed the (safely evacuated) laborers’ camp. Together with Lonk, Miss Swiss, and Pfen, the group successfully and decisively repelled the assault.

Treasure acquired: Chain Shirt

XP awarded: 2500 (Zemya, Lulabelle achieved level 4)



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