Session 5


PCs: Zemya (Nicole), Lulabelle (Cessie)

NPCs: Lonk, Hugdish, Pfen

Notes: The players met Pfen, who had just arrived in town with some hired labor to erect a stone-built temple. The cleric was staying at the inn, and the players were given a consultation about their past lives and an offer to join the church. New items came to Lonk’s Discount Adventurers’ Goods: Bug-catching nets, shovels, a letter (in Goblin), deku sticks (arranged attractively in a large, glazed pot), slingshots, and an enchanted longbow for Lulabelle. Lonk promised more great items were coming in the next shipment, which would arrive in a few days. He paid them for the herbs, and then forwarded half of the payment to Hugdish, who thanked them, wide-eyed and grateful. Mr. Bobo, who became oddly silent when the ring was shoved around his beak (for non-obvious reasons), spent the day researching the ring.

Treasure acquired: Longbow +1

XP awarded: 500



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