Session 4

Lonk's First Dungeon - Part 2

PCs: Zemya (Nicole), Lulabelle (Cessie), Miss Swiss (Gen)

NPCs: Lonk, Miss Swiss, monkeys, Fredlizard, Jesuslizard

Notes: Introduction to Fred, the dancing lizard, and Jesus, the glowing lizard. Players completed exploration of the dungeon (with Miss Swiss attempting to get herself killed in a small tunnel, saved by Jesus), leading up to the small mountain summit. A line of worn statues led them to the center of the summit, where raised stones held a griffin’s nest, swarmed with monstrous centipedes (large x7, huge x1). Players searched the nest afterwards, finding a small trove of valuables.

Treasure acquired: Prayers Beads (sold for 1250g), brass ring, jewels/rupees (80g), griffin egg

XP awarded: 1000 (Zemya, Lulabelle achieved level 3)



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