Session 2

Lonk's First Dungeon - Intro

PCs: Zemya (Nicole), Lulabelle (Cessie)

NPCs: Lonk, Miss Swiss

Chronology: Two days after the events in Session 1

Notes: The players met Miss Swiss and riding dog, Hut Shokolut, who has been advertising her services as an adventuress through a stack of flyers (which seem to mysteriously disappear from Lonk’s Adventuring Board). During the introduction, the three spy Lonk suspiciously closing shop early and disappearing into the woods outside town. They decisively follow the young elf into the woods, traveling until nightfall. When Lonk sets up camp outside mountain dotted with the ruins of a previous civilization, the adventurers follow suit, setting up a quarter-mile back. An hour later, they see a ghostly apparition of Lonk appear in the middle of their camp, who asks for help. When pried for information, he tells them he was investigating the mountain ruins and was imprisoned by monkeys.

Treasure acquired: None

XP awarded: None



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