Session 1

Introduction, and Hugdish's disappearance

PCs: Zemya (Nicole), Lulabelle (Cessie)

NPCs: Mr. Bobo, Wensleydale Stilton, Gouda Stilton, Brie Stilton, Hugdish, Lonk

Notes: Zemya and Lulabelle met the Stiltons, who gave them a bag of cheese and healing potions and asked them to find Hugdish, a half-orc laborer with a green thumb (figuratively and literally). Wensleydale said that he hangs around with a bad lot of orcs in the Silver Gap, beneath the high-elevation bridge that leads out of the Doolifookt valley. Players traveled half a day to the bottom of the gap and followed the river upstream, encountering kobolds, gnolls, and finally orcs, with whom they found Hugdish, sharing the fruits of the laborer’s green thumb. During the escort back to town, they were waylaid by gnolls, who were themselves waylaid by hungry kobolds.

Also, there was a bear.

Treasure acquired: Masterwork club, leaves of questionable legality

XP awarded: 1000 (Zemya, Lulabelle achieved level 2)



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